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Company Profile

The company, Pipeworks Sdn. Bhd. (PWSB), is a Mild Steel Cement Lined water pipe manufacturer located in Selangor and it is an organization of 2 directors, each with respective professional university degree level and relevant skills in the industry, and team of committed employees.

On production side, the factory is managed by the factory manager and technical advisor who both have more than 30 years of experience in dealing with mild steel pipe production. To ensure our product s meet the quality standards, there is also Quality Control personnel to make sure finished goods are fully compliance with BS534 or any steel pipe specifications. PWSB is also a ISO certified company, what that means is that all in-progress records during production are rigorously documented.

This is very important because it means all equipment, testing gauges, measuring devices and machineries are properly calibrated. Other that having calibrated equipments, the company also adopts standard work flow, which is set within the ISO procedures, to ensure pipes are being fabricated in the most proper manner possible. This is clearly demonstrated in our zero reject rates from our production record for both local and overseas (Australia, Vietnam and Brunei) supply.

In terms of technical aspect, the plant has 2 operating lines which are capable to produce up to 2,000 metric tons of steel pipes monthly, approximately RM10million worth of sales based on current raw material prices. Having said that, each pipe will also have to go through a series of meticulous tests before they can be delivered for installation. Such tests are Hydraustatic Test (HT) where each pipe is pressurised with water detect leakages and Radiography Test.

Mild Steel Pipe Production is not just a business to the company, it is a legacy in the family which has been passed on from the previous generation and it is being operated by the younger generation now. PWSB is reputable for its product quality and services. Since awarded with ISO 9001, the company has taken even further steps into looking at every opportunity to enhance the quality of the product as well as efficiency in its production department. And, it is also PWSB's responsibility to make sure the products are in compliance with various standards set by customers and water pipes governing authorities, which would be IKRAM and SPAN for this matter. Not only that, but the company is also willing to work very closely with independent consultants to ensure we provide the most accurate information and our products have also been checked and approved SMHB consultant in the previous project.